Fabrication & Measurement

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Fabrication & Measurement

The fabrication and measurement process involves the construction of structures from various raw material. A fabrication job starts with drawings, including precise measurements. The job then moves to the fabrication stage for welding, cutting, and forming. Finally, the completed project is installed.

Our fabrication shop, located in Corpus Christi, Texas, employs professional welders,  draftsman, and the necessary support personnel to serve all of your fabrication and measurement requirements.

Fabrication and Measurement Services:

  • Fabrication of measurement and flow control skids for onshore and offshore applications
  • Fabrication of subsea and riser assemblies, hot tap valves, launchers and receivers
  • Fabrication of orifice, ultrasonic, coriolis, positive displacement (PD) and turbine meters
  • Qualified instrumentation and electrical (I&E) technicians to assist and repair on location
  • Complete instrumentation and electrical packages such as skid installation, RTU packages, chromatograph buildings and communications
  • Alterations and refurbishing of existing meter skids
  • Installation of meter skid on location
  • Meter inspections, micing and repairs (authorized Daniels Fabricator)