Our Commitment to Safety

SFS places a great emphasis on safety, recognizing that each employee can make a difference. Our safety training has been designed to instill each employee with a sense that what they do, truly matters, and that one person can make a difference when it comes to safely completing a project.


Our commitment to safety is stressed in each of our weekly and monthly safety meetings, as well as the daily tailgate safety meetings. SFS holds each and every one of our skilled employees to the highest level of commitment to safety and we believe that this commitment to safety is directly related to our success on a project.

Unsafe acts often develop from the unintended consequences of a hurried schedule. As a result, SFS places a special emphasis on Work Planning and Execution. Working safely demands that the proper tools be used for the task and that work be properly planned.

We enforce industry leading safety standards that allow our employees to complete their designated work without injuring themselves, other employees, the general public, or the environment.

As the industry changes, so the regulations that govern our day to day activities, and as a result, so do our standards for hiring, training, and retraining personnel. To facilitate management of our safety program and to ensure that all aspects of our business are regulatory compliant and in strict adherence to current industry standards, we are members of the organizations and consortia listed below.